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We Are Creative Digital Agency

Like most Agencies we create, we write, we re-design….

But unlike most Agencies, we care how that dollar is spent, whether it be Television Advertising, or Radio Advertising, Social Media or Print….above or below the line, we can put together the most elaborate campaign or a very simple one…

It really doesn’t matter….

If you’re a Family-run business or a Multinational….we can create something unique that will make that Television advertising work for you.

No Matter what we do, we do it with pride and passion!

Let us create a Television Campaign to suits your budget and your target Audience.

The Brand

Since 2010, Ad Department has been commissioned to produce more than 200 television commercials in Australia, Why do they choose us, well its simple, we buy airtime at the right price and forward that to our customers.

We spend more than $80K per week on TV through-out Australia which in turn gives us the best Television Advertising rates in Australia.

We have a selection of core clients that buy airtime on a regular basis, In all the major cities in Australia.

If your looking to buy airtime in Country Australia or Regional Australia, then we offer great Television Packages to suit your budget.



Our Vision

Our Vision is to create Television Commercials and Airtime buying affordable in Australia, we want every small business to have a chance to promote there goods or services at a rate that isn’t going to break the bank.



Our Products

We can produce a Television Commercial for as little as $1800 plus GST  that is CAD approved and in Broadcast ready.

Getting a Television commercial made is easy too.

We first do a voice over script then we get it approved by you the customer , then we get the voice over made…then we add the visuals to the Voice over and combine it all to get the final product.

For a small investment of  as $3800 we can get a Television Commercial made and put on Channel 10 in one of the major cities ie: Melbourne which includes 10 x 30sec spots…

So if you want to stand out in the crowd with a Call to action type Television Commercial of a Branding type TV commercial and get the credibility and sales increased then please drop us a line and receive a free quote..




We Are the Creative Team

Some of us have been around for years, and some of us have been around for a short time…Mixing the old and the new works..

Sales Manager

Andrew Mazzoli

Accounts Supervisor

Tony Brian

Media Consultant

Michelle Taylor

Airtime Buyer

Chase Tusser


E Sites

Some of our Clients

These are some of the companies we,ve helped…let us help you…


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